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The first run of coho's here are called blueback and they are starting to run right now.These little guys run for about three weeks. Then the early summer run coho's start.The bluebacks are 2-4 lbs and the early summer runs can get up 7 lbs or more.

From the Marine drive bridge down to the mouth is native fishing only except for the west side below the silver train bridge at what is now a doggie park. This is tidal water and you need a differant liscence for this area.

You can fly fish anywhere but it prove to be difficult in the upper section of the canyon as the room is very limited and with alot of gear guys around I don't reccommend it but you certainly can give it a go if you are a bit of a die hard and it is doable!

I hope this helps.
The next month or so should be fun
If youy need anymore info Dave at Highwatewr tackle can be more helpful.

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