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How rude of me I didn't introduce myself :p

A little about you?
Name: Dana Keller
Age: 25
Language: English
Residence: Greater Vancouver Area
Occupation: Assistant Editor, BC Outdoors Magazine

Fishing Experience
I know it sounds crazy, working at a fishing magazine when you haven't fished in almost a decade. Up until I was 15 I fished fairly regularly around Pender Harbour as my grandparents owned a house out there. Fished various lakes too up until I was about 17. I've never fly-fished and that's what I intend to learn this year :)

Current Days on the water/Year: none in the past 8 years but am going to change that

Working at BC Outdoors has totally reignited my desire to fish. I can't wait to get out on (and in) the water. If any of you have tips or advice for a gal who's just starting out that'd be much appreciated!
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