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Reginald Lake - Vancouver Island

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Anybody have any info on Reginald Lake, Vancr Island? Near Cambell River I think.

10 of us are planning a trip to the Island early June (See previous thread). Reginald Lake has come highly reccommended, not sure buy who?
We have heard it is a quality water with good sized trout :)

Any one fished / camped there? Any information would be appreciated.

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I've heard of it and from this picture it does hold some nice fish

We're expecting a full report when you get back, lol.
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Nice Fish Warrior!!

Is that from Reginald Lake? When were you there? Any other info??

I would guess that fish is from Reginald Lake. I did a google search for "Reginald Lake" and somebody's online photogallery came up as one of the hits (that's where I got the pic from). From what I can gather it looks pretty secluded as they needed a Toyota 4 Runner to get to the lake.

I've never been there and no, it's not my fish. I don't have any other info on the lake. Google didn't really come up with any great results :wallbash:
After a google search I found the same photo album, thanks for the tip. :thumbup:

Looks exactly like the type of Lake we are looking for. Fairly secluded and not much fishing pressure from what I can tell

If we end up going there i will definitely post a report and pic's

Nickers :beerchug:
Never been but the Backroad Mapbook says:

"Off the rough Beavertail Road, Reginald Lake is 18 hectare in size and is stocked with
small steelhead."

Looks like you would head out Highway 28, take the Elk River Main towards Beavertail Lake then
split from Elk River onto Beavertail Road. Looks like some forks along this road that are key to finally
getting to the lake.

Sounds like a great adventure.

May also consider Beavertail Lake as an addition. Much bigger lake (103 hectare) and quite deep (90ft) but is stocked with Rainbow and also has kokanee, cutties and dollies. Also has a rustic camping area and boat launch.

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Good info Flatlander! Nickers is definitely going to need the book to find the lake.
Thanks Flatlander,

We are an adventurous group. Well equipped with GPS. The lake sounds good, I'm just not sure about the camping facilities there?
We are a group of 10 - 12 who don't mind roughing it, but we do need room? We are still just considering right now until we get more info.

Beavertail Lake also sounds good and I will definitely be looking into. :confused:

Thanks for all the input,
Nickers :drunk:
Hi there Nickers. Beavertail is very easy access, but I don't know about the camping. From what I know, the fish are small. At least they were when I lived in CR, but that was 8 years ago. Where ever you go up there, I recommend LEECHES!!!!!!!! One thing about Beavertail though, I have never seen fish with so many parasites. These fish have so many gut worms they are bloated. I took a girl there 10 years ago, and we still get the shivers talking about those fish. But there are sure lots of fish; the best fishing used to be right at the dock -- I once hauled a boat in there, and just stayed tied up. :)
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