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Fred’s Custom Tackle is now hosting the Annual “Wally Hall Jr. Memorial Derby”. Boasting a $1000.00 First Prize, this event has been a great success in years past and we hope to help continue the events popularity. The derby is for hatchery Steelhead only, starting on December 1st and running through to March 31.Registration fee is only $5.00. Prizes for 2nd place are a Shimano 10’6’ “Technium” rod and a Calcutta 400B, Third place is a “Fern Hill” river fishing vest. Lots of hidden weight prizes as well. All fish weighed in get a FREE Tim Horton’s coffee certificate. For registration and a complete list of rules and prizes, stop by the shop.

CHILLIWACK/VEDDER RIVER - Water levels are low, clarity is very clear with a slight bit of color, the river is in prime shape! Right now the wind is coming through the Valley from the north, NNE 13 km/h. Air temperature is at 3 °C but will warm up to a high of 7 °C and and drop to a low of 2 °C. Yesterday we had 6 fish weighted into the derby. Two days ago, Brandon Wootton caught a beauty buck 18.139 pounds for 3nd place in the derby. Again, we are herring the usual stories of big wild bucks released and many multi fish days! There is lots for steel in the river, over the the past week, I personally landed 3 fish on the fly in two trips, so get out the while the getting is still good! There is now 239 fish weighted into the Wally Hall Derby. The Chilliwack/Vedder is a very unstable system due to several active clay banks that dirty the river after heavy rains or snow melt. The returns in 2002/2003 were early and in good numbers with over 30 fish in the Boxing Day Derby alone. Given that the winter Steelhead run has not fallen victim to whatever circumstances which cut Coho numbers in half, we should have a good season ahead, as it has started already.

Wally Hall Jr Steelhead Derby
Leader Board

1. Matt Pace - 18.326 Buck
2. Greg Rudachyk - 18.315 Buck
3. Brandon Wootton - 18.139 Buck

CHEHALIS RIVER - Water levels are low and clear and fishing has been good. We have heard good reports of fish throughout the entire river. Guys have been doing great in the canyon but with the low clear water the fish are very spooky! Fishing has also been good in the new lower sections of the river but its some nasty terrain. There should still be some cutthroat trout scavenging in the lower river for some snacks, try egg patterns, flesh flies and even a minnow pattern.

FRASER RIVER - The Fraser river is low and clear and is in prime shape for fishing cutts but its cold out there, dress warm. March is a great time to be fishing cutts on the Fraser, side channels, tail outs are good areas to find these fish, remember you have to release all wild Cutthroat Trout! Pink fry are now starting to hatch and fishing will will start improving. Blue Ridge has been quite good of late and you can't go wrong anywhere around herling Island or around the mouth of Maria. Minnow patterns, small wooly buggars, tiny stone nymphs and little stone emergers are good bets for this time of year! The Sturgeon fishing has still been good with success almost assured.

HARRISON RIVER -The Harrison River is now starting to pick up for Cutthroat trout. As the weather and water temperature starts to get warmer the fry will start hatching, as is has now started. Remember, all wild Cutthroat trout must be released unharmed! There are a few Steelhead passing through the Harrison on the way to their destination river. This would be a very pleasant surprise to hook one of these chrome beauties while fishing cutthroat trout.

THOMPSON RIVER - The Thompson is now closed till June 1, 2006. It was a great year on the Tee, lots of fish caught but haven't heard the final numbers of fish that made it back to spawn, as soon as we find out those number we will let you know.

Tight loops, Rick Baerg
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