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Remember your first fly rod?

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Mine was a 9 foot Dragon Fly 5 weight complete w/ a fighting butt. Funny, I don't use it anymore but I'll never sell it. How about you guys?

Finder :cheers:
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Wow, thats a long time ago! Got my first fly rod when I was twelve, that was back 1983, boy am I getting old! :( It was a Berkley don't remember the model but it had a canuck tire special fly reel, it was real nice, did the job!

:cheers: Rick
my first fly rod was a 5/6wt walmart special. I still have it and havent used it since I got my second fly rod and now I have about 11 I think :thumbup:

Martin rod/reel 6wt with a scientific anglers floating line. Caugt alot of little trout on that combo from the local creeks.
I still have the 8 wt Redl Trophy XL fiberglass that my wife bought me for our first wedding anniversary back in xxxx ;). I still use it as a salt water rod.
My first flyrod was a St. Croix Pro Graphite 9' 6wt 2pc that Sarah lost on the lower Skagit River a number of years ago when she got swept away and I had to jump in and rescue her. She panicked while we were drifting through some deep and fast stretches and ditched the rod to hang on to me. It had a POS Shakespeare single action reel (aka float tube anchor :)) on it with some pinkish Cortland 444 floating line.

Apparently, someone who shops at M&Y found it some time later, told one of the guys at the shop who it belonged to and what happened, and this person refused to return it claiming "finders keepers". Oh well, the rod has more of a sentimental value to me than anything else...never found out who it was that found it...but you know about karma...what goes around comes around. :-*
Mine came from Army & Navy back in 1971. 8 ft, 7wt Army & Navy brand. Sold my drum set to buy it along with two martin reels and both a dry and wet line.
I'm with you Finder, but mine was a 9ft 6wt dragonfly. Same deal don't use it, don't love it, can't bring myself to sell it :confused:

Well if nothing else it makes for as good trolling rod ;D
Got my first when I was 18, 1994. Sage DS2 4 piece 5wt. Still use and love it to this day we have been on many adventures together.

Bows, cutts, bulls, NPM's, pinks, sockeye, coho, brooks, pike, grayling, suckers, whitefish, dollies, ete...etc... the rod has seen alot of use.

Butt section broke after 13 hard years of use and Sage replaced it for nothing but a shipping charge, now we will be able to be happy together for many more years to come!

I love that rod and still use it all the time. :)
professori said:
I still have the 8 wt Redl Trophy XL fiberglass that my wife bought me for our first wedding anniversary back in xxxx ;). I still use it as a salt water rod.
mine was the same rod
still have my first fly rod ;D Coachman 6/7 weight 8'6"....i will be purchasing an upgrade soon though :thumbup:
Green_Comet said:
...his friend Don Turner(was his first name Don?) who had that great little fly shop on Kingsway.

Roger Turner, and the shop was run by his lovely wife Grace for a little while before she got out of the business altogether.
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