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Remembrance day jaunt...

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Well, I hit the flow this afternoon, arrived at the river around 2 pm and fished till 4 pm, just a short little jaunt today...call it a warm up for monday...met "The Weev" while I was up there, nice to meet ya weev...
The pool didn't seem too promising at first, water clarity was about 2 feet, good volume of flow, cloudy and rainy...But I was already there, so I thought I might as well put my time in right?

Fished some blades...nothing, saw a few fish break water as they came into the pool, passed another blade or two in front of them....nothing. Then I switched it up to a little red and peach wool combo...and concentrated on the tail out on the short float...near the end of my drift I noticed the float had slowed down just ever so much, it just didn't seem like it was moving at the pace it should have been based on previous drifts near the same current seam...so I lifted up on it, felt a tiny head shake, and set the hook....Put up a real nice fight, at first I thought it was a coho, but soon realized by it's fight it was a good clean spring...here's that tailout...

here's the result... :D

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Thats a beauty springer there Rib! did ya bonk it? maybe monday we'll find lotsa coho's? i hope so!

It was pretty damn clean...like I said, I thought it was a coho for a bit...didn't bonk it though...let it swim as its reward for rewarding me today...Monday should be sweet... :wink:
are we going where we had planed to fish or have ya found a better spot?

Where we planned I think...we can debate it, but fishing wasn't hot where I was at...
Nice spring Rib, Monday sounds good to me. I let the fiencee buy another pair of shoes on one condition...I get to go fishing on Sunday and Monday, NO COMPLAINTS!!
I'm going Monday again but with complaints.... :wink: :wink: :wink:

Cheers, Rob

PS: Nice fish ribwart
when you put your whool on your hook do you want it to be completly covering/hiding the hook?

o and nice fish rib, wish it was mine :D

it depends, if its clear water then no! U want it the size of a large chum/spring egg, dark water then yes!
so in dark water you want it to be covering the hook completly and in clear water you want it the size of an egg?

Watch what other people are doing but generally the size of a pea or blueberry .
I don't let the wool cover the hook. I always trim it down to the size and shape of a salmon egg...I've seen many others leave the wool dangling all over the place though and they've been successful...so it won't likely make much of a difference...
Very nice spring rib! Way to go! Good luck on Monday... :wink:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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