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Hi everyone,I've just found out about this introduction part so i might as well introduce myself.My name is RIBOLOVAC(fisherman) I curently live in Burnaby,came to Canada three years ago from Croatia in a search for a better living, and seccefully found it in this beautiful country.I obiovously love to fish,but my expiriance with salmon&steelhead is something totally new to me, and I 'm not gonna go to detail with it, so far love fishing for these species even thogh I've only hooked into a few of them,but I am a fast learner.I'm 25 years old 6'2" 190 brown hair,happily married for 3 years, don't have any kids yet(workin hard though).I work in the construction industry,road construction to be more specific,not a great job but pays very well.My fishing journey started far back when I was 10 years of age,when my uncle gave me my first fishing rod riged up with a meps No3, and of course my first fish was a Pike.I have been very active since that day in this crazy hoby of ours.Fished all kinds of swampy waters mostly using light spinning gear fishing for pike,catfish and a fish that is very similar to a walleye but I don't no the name of it on english.When I was around 16 started fishing for carp of course,(carpomania)which is huge in europe in the past 15 years,but just to let you know, I know you al think ugly fish(true)but they are much different from this carps here,they are very competitive fish to fish for, drive you crazy trust me.I agre nothing compareble to the bullits that we got here.To get back where I was, :thumbup: love spending time on the water and exploring the nature,learning new techincs.Besids this I dont have any other hobbies,becouase I spend all my free time on the water.This is shortly all about me,I realy enjoy reading everything on this forum and I think you guys(girls)got a great thing going here for everyone.My message at the end for everyone would be to practice more CATCH& RELEASE becouase that is the only way we are gona save this great fish habbitat we got here,I only say this becouase From what I saw so far how people treat fish here(and I know this does not include everybody)I got to say I am teryfide.Anyways, wish to meet some of you guys in pearson in the future and share some of our fishing stories,now that we got the techology it should be easy to stay in touch ,thanks for welcoming me to this site and hope to see a lot of released fish,good luck out there.
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