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Rivers Inlet

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Me and a couple buddies have been toying with the idea of running the boat across to Rivers from POrt Hardy area for some big springs. Now I know that the fishing from a quantity stand point can be slow but hell I spent 8 days in 2 different trips in Winter Harbour this June and late August and it was some of the worst salmon fishing I've ever encountered. Does anyone know how long the run is at 30mph to rivers? Any tips on where the best places to fish and best time of the summer to go. How is the crossing I know it can get rough and foggy but other than that?? Does anyone know of any good coves with beaches to camp on close to the fishing grounds, or lodges where you can bring your own boat and pay a moorage and accomodation fee like Critter Cove? Any advice on this area and peoples experience fishing there, staying there and making the crossing would be greatly appreciated! Halibut? Fuel?

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I got the info you need

It takes about three hours to cross with good weather. As you enter the mount of Rivers you will notice some broken Islands on the south shore. Just past the broken Island you will come across Duncanby Landing. Here is where you can find some grilled food, groceries, refreshments and fuel. You can stay the night here if you choose. And the broke Islands provide good shelter. The fishing is good at this end of the Inlet in July. But if you’re looking for some fun you need to go in the beginning of August. My best day was always August 5th. If you are looking for a quite place to moor you boat with serenity you have to go through Drainy Inlet and to the left. This is my happy place. It’s so quite your ears will hurt. I like taken the ladies to this spot. Drainy Inlet is a 40 km fiord and it all drain out of a mouth that is 60 feet at its widest. The water get very turbid and it quite a site to be hold. Across from Drainy Inlet on the opposite side you will find Dawsons Landing. Here you can get groceries and fuel. After that make your way up to head and enjoy the best fishing adventure you will ever have. In front of the water fall in Mcphee Bay is your best chance for some big boys. The Coho fishing here is awesome as well. You won’t find fish that fight this hard anywhere else. If you want more info let me know. I spent a lot of time there and know a lot of the locals.

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