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Rivers Inlet

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Heading up to Rivers in a couple weeks. Any reports on the catch? Where are the fish hanging out, The Wall, Drainy or elsewhere?

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I'm planning to go up to, mid august,I might not have the answer for your question but if I was you stay away from the wall.
At least when I was up there the wall was way to ocupied to many boats no fish,on the way to drainy there is a few litlle bays that produced big chinook for the guys that were with me.
As for the fishing it was pritty good two days spotty and then third day coho just went crazy hook up every 30mins in average but not very agressive bites tho,we did so so but the old guys that have been up there for years say nothing compared to before.
Well have a nice trip and have fun :thumbup:
spotty right now
lost one this mornin
startn to pick up tho
get your bags packed
its just beginning.
"guide @ rivers inlet resort" :happy:
Thanks for the comments.

Anyone fishing the inside of Calvert? Last year the Coho were more active there.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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