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Roche Lake (May 1st)

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Roche Lake opens May 1st. Does anyone know how the fishing usually is opening weekend? Is there a chance you could be still flirting with turnover?
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i was there last year, about a week after opening day. fishing was moderate to good. once you found the hole and the right fly, the bite was steady. i don't think you'll be dealing with turnover during that time.

pulled this guy out on a black micro leech on that trip. i plan to head up there around the same time again this year.

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if you go to the website they have for Roche resort they say best times for fishing is June-October :confused: so depending on the weather you could be in the turn
ooops. that picture and fly info is from peterhope. lol. :wallbash: anyways. all other info is relevent. ahahaha. mybad. :thumbup:
I spend a fair amount of time fishing at Roche and have had success throughout the year. I find that the best time is in the early spring (so May 1st should be good) before the water gets to warm. Once the water warms up too much, the fish seem to get lethargic but can still be enticed to bite in the deeper waters.

Hope this helps :cheers:

Thanks for the info. I've only fished Roche in June and Sept. This year we'll try opening weekend.
So..? How was the opening day at Roche?

Any recent reports? I'm heading up May 23, 24, 25th weekend.. hopefully all is well!

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