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Roche Lake, May 4-6 2007

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Myself and markinhope, just got back from our yearly trip the to Roche Lake yesterday. As usual we had a great time, lots of beers :drunk: and lots of fish! We stayed at Roche lake Resort, great lodging, great food and even watched the Canucks loose in their lounge! When we got there, the lake was just finishing turning, water was a little murky. It was very cold on the water and windy the entire time. It was hard to stay anchored, the wind blew us all over the place, was a little frustrating but we managed to persevere. We even woke up to snow on the ground Saturday morning, burrrrr and it snowed several time throughout the trip. Fishing was good despite the hurdles, we caught lots of trout in the 12 to 22 inches range but no real brutes, mind you we saw some nice biggies caught. We missed the weather by a couple of days. This week will the time to be at Roche, temperatures are going to be over 20 and the bug's should be hatching at will. Stone is up there today for the next three days, my guess is he will smack them!

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Well done! I must get up that way this weekend. I've been cooped up inside this weekend being sick, and its really getting to me :wallbash:
They are quite the beautiful fish Berg, Great job. To bad about the weather, but heck... you get out fishing a lot so I don't feel that bad for you!! ;D That one Markinhope has was quite the football eh! ;)
Looks like winter fly fishing...sweet report berg, nice fish guys....hopefully Stone will have better luck with the weather...
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