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Decided to head to Roche this morning as the weather was sunny and no wind. Started fishing around 9:30 and was on a bit of tight schedule as I had to get some hockey in as well today. Tons of boats in the water. I noticed that there was quite a bit of green slime coming from the bottom and the water was quite a green murky color (turnover???). Fished for about 3 hrs, only landed a small pounder and another hit. I saw only one other person land a fish during my time out. No evidence of any boatmen and did not see any feed on the water. Heard a few guys talking who said Friday was bang on but had slowed down since (always my luck). Anyway no report in a while so thought I would post one. Anyone know if this is the time of year Roche turns? The water was actually quite cool to the touch. Very nice day to be out on the water!!
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