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Yesterday at the vedder river at Borden Creek just above thurston Meadows me and my friend accidently in a rush forgot both of our rods. One was a shimano convergence matched with a Shimano Calcuta and the other was a Shimano Convergence matched with a Black 4" Hardy Conquest Center pin. Both we left side by side on the North side of the road. This happend at 2:00pm on Monday October 11th. To whomever has picked them up or if you know of the person that has we would greatly apprecite the return of our rods. They mean the world to us and both of us can not afford to replace the full value of these rods/reels and are deeply passionate about fishing. The Hardy Center Pin was a gift to me from a very good friend that has passed and has great sentimental value and i will give whatever i can to have it returned. The Calcuta was given to my friend from his father and also has great sentimental value. If you know of or have heard of anyone that has found these please please please please give us a call at the numbers below. We are putting everything we have together and have come up with a good cash reward to anyone who can return them and also a finders fee if anyone can locate them.

Cody @ 1-604-505-0353 or email @ [email protected] or call
Aiden @ 1-604-819-2235

I hope that the person who walked out of Borden creek and seen them there has a good heart and will return them, i wish that this never happens to anyone else and a reminder to check that you have everything before leaving the river, thank you to everyone for reading this post.
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