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I was concerned when I first saw this thread. It seemed to me that as the regulations prohibit sportfishers from selling fish, it likely prohibited the sale of fish parts as well. I inquired with DFO regarding the legality of sport fishers selling sport-caught roe. The following is the query i posed and the reply I received:
(mine) - Is it legal for sport fishers to sell salmon roe taken from their catch?

(DFO) - I have been asked to respond to your inquiry.
Yes, it is illegal for sport fishers to trade, barter or sell fish or fish products.
Devona Adams
Regional Recreational Fisheries Coordinator

I am locking this thread now, and asking all BCFR members to abide by both the legal and the ethical standards at play here. It is very hard to be a site where we deplore the illeagal sale of salmon by some mebers of society while we condone (by our inaction) the sale of slamon products by our members. Thanks.
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