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RoeSack with Borax!

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Hello~ Fellas!!

I have 2 simple quick questions about roesack and borax.

I made about 20roesacks on the last Saturday for The Sunday fishing, but the heavy rain stoped me!! :-[
Therefore, I'm keeping the sacks in the refriglator.

Does it make any better if I put some borax on the sacks for freshness??!! ;D
Cause I'm gonna use it for this coming Saturday, and I wanna keep it fresh.

& one more question!!

Sounds bit stupid.............

How many cast do you guys do with one roesack without fishbite? ??? until the sack's gone?? ::)
until fish bite?? ???

That's about it!! ;D

Thanks in advance guys~!!

Cheers & Bravo~
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If you are using fresh roe, the important things are to tie the sacs tight. When you use them you want the roe to "leach" out thru the bag as if it wasn't there. Use plenty of borax on the roe, ( when you think you have enough....add more and be sure it is well coated)and you can store in the fridge for a long time. Depending on the speed of the water, temperature, etc. I would change the roe bag every 15-20 casts and change for sure if you get a hit, or have a fish on briefly....
Leave the fish to rest for a few min., put on a fresh bait and fire away!.Good luck!.........Ortho 8)
You still need to make those sacks float up a little bit are you using a corky or floaters in the sack?
bmv said:
You still need to make those sacks float up a little bit are you using a corky or floaters in the sack?
I have never used any floaters or corky's in my roe sacks. Never really thought much about using them. But as for the borax, I usually, 95% of the time....... Cut my roe into the sized peices I am going to use, dry them out for an alloted time, roll them in borax, put them in the fridge for at least 2 days. Then I make the sacks out of the cured peices and tie them real tight, then store them in Borax until I am ready to use them. Seems to work just fine for me. ;)
bmv said:
You still need to make those sacks float up a little bit are you using a corky or floaters in the sack?
If you are short floating those sacs then they don't have to float up at all. Find the bottom, and then adjust your depth so that your weight is up off the bottom about the same distance as your leader length. This way you don't have to set up your roe sacs to float at all, If that is your concern.

Most roe bags will still bounce along the bottom or remain neutrally buoyant as long as you keep your depth set so that it is not too deep, but still in the zone. Often setting your depth too deep will keep your weight and leader in the rocks too much, this will have the effect of dragging your roe sacs down with them. Those roe sacs will follow your leader, so if your leader is tangling up in the rocks, likely your roe sacs will too.

If you are bottom bouncing, or bottom bouncing with a float, well...you could use a corky or cheater to keep your roe out of the rocks, but I find the short floating method much more productive with roe sacs.

If you're curious about shortfloating, click on the word, you'll find a thread on it that should answer most of your questions.

As for how long, well, I try to look at the roe sac from time to time and determine its freshness. Often some eggs will start to break or turn opaque with prolonged water contact. Once that happens the sac loses its volume, and I switch it up...same if I'm using globs of roe, the volume of the bait on my hook, and it's freshness are key for me. If it's been in the water too long, the amount it milts is reduced considerably.

As for Borax, I don't use it, well...very, very rarely anymore...

Hope that helps,

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Thanks guys~!!

I cured my roe following fishfreak's step, and the condition of roe is just great!!! ;D

Have plenty of borax at home, so I'm gonna store the sacks with borax.

Also,I had great time last fall with shortfloating which I learned from mighty rib's post!! :D

Rib~! English is not my first language, and I still hate to read long~ articles :-[, but I never miss your post!! :p

Thanks again guys~!!

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Here is how you cure eggs - http://www.ifish.net/amercure1.html

What are roe sacks? Keep in mind the Fridge can dry out your eggs to much if you leave them in there to long. Freeze them in a vacuum sealed bag and stick them out the night before you go fishing to unthaw.
Does anyone have an answer to my question? What are roe sacks and how do they differ from the traditional way of curing eggs?
Roe sacks are roe tied in mesh to make them last longer. When fishing mesh it also allows you to use single eggs that don't have skien. You can water harden single eggs by putting thme in water for a day or two or you can just put your normally cured skiened roe in them. I personally have way more success with roe chunks.
Roe sacs, or spawn sacs, are also useful when you want to fish with fresh eggs. I couldn't imagine trying to secure fresh singles in a bait loop or on the hook.
EZ eggs solve your spawnsac-borax issue, they also stay on the hook, even singles.
I would think your chances would be less with a sack rather than cured chunks. The cured chunks would milk longer than a sack and your presentation would be a whole lot more appealing. The sack may last longer but your chances are less. Why would you want less of a chance and a less effective presentation?
bmv said:
EZ eggs solve your spawnsac-borax issue, they also stay on the hook, even singles.
Yeah but they don't milk milk and they look like crap :p. LOL your chanes are better with jensen eggs than those things.
A few weeks back Rib had some extreamly rotten smelling roe sacks! ;D Dude did those smell horrid! I'm not sure any fish that swims in water would eat those! Fresh is the way to go with roe sacks, and keep them in a cool place or they will smell like o'le Rib's sacks!(Roe sacks that is!) ;D

EZ eggs are just another good tool in the arsenal, when you get tired of all the other stuff, they do disperse any scent that you add to them once they are in contact with water, and I have yet to tie up a jensen cluster thats worth while.
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