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Rolley Lake

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Going fly fishing at Rolley Lake tomarrow. Really need any tips on what kind of flies to use. PLease help. Thanks in advance.

-Fine Angler
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Half back, Carrey Special, Wolley bugger. Check in with Randy @ the Hatch Matcher for recent reports.


I was there camping on the weekend. Fished Friday and Saturday. Fishing was slow both days. Tried everything in the fly box Friday morning with only one hit on an Egg Sucking leech. Both Friday and Saturday afternoon I landed two fish at about 5:00 on egg sucking leechs. Lots of hit late in the day. I was also using my Camo line. Had a floating line out also and got nothing on it. Alll fish were caught mid way up the lake in 20-30 feet of water off the east side of the lake, out from the old floating dock that is on shore. Good luck, maybe this cooler weather will help.

Thanks alot all. I hope this helps alot.
hey Coachman

i went to go to that store when i was out in Ridge last and it wasnt there

do you happen to know where it moved to

i saw the sign for it at 203rd and Dewdney

where is it now??


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hey hook they moved up to the 22900 blk of lougheed hwy cross street is 116 ave telosky stadium , thomas haney area
they are in the complex where the bottle depot is
When i fished there in May i was using a dry fly that i stripped real quick so it caused a small wake and the fish would chase after it and hit hard
it was great fun :D
another fisherman there was using dry flies with no movement he got lots of hits but missed most of them :?
my fish finder showed most of the fish down deep 20ft plus but i still did well on the dry fly :wink:
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