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Just received my custom RX8 XST1264. I had a rod builder built it in the state (cost is relatively cheaper even with tax and materials and shipping). To get an idea of price comparsion, a RX7 rainshadow ist1264 (which is $30 cheaper just for the blank) in a local shop is $439.99 + tax = $497.18. And I paid just around $260 and mine is a RX8. The rod is built as a trigger caster rod.

The rod is built with no fore-grip and spit rear grip. Reel seat is fuji ECS exposed trigger seat. The blank spec is writen on the blank in between the spit rear grip.

The guides are Ti-ch zirconia with transparent wrapping with gold inlay.

I had the chance to take the rod out for a test drive last weekend. I pair the rod with my upgraded Chronarch CH-100a (abec 5 bearings and carbontex drag). I did not hook into any steelhead but I got to fight a decent shape chum. The rod handles well under pleasure and cast very well. The fast action detected the bite and every hits and bumps and the backbone on this rod is strong as well.

I have also had a custom build (same build) RX7 and I found the RX8 is lighter and I prefer the faster action on the RX8. RX8 xst1264 is 2.93oz, and RX7 ist1264 is almost 1oz heavier. I also prefer the finishing on the RX8 with the coating rather than the matt-finish of the RX7. However, if you like the green color (sage green), you can get that with RX7 with the coated finish as well.
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