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I need your opinion...

So I bought an 8wt 9' St. Croix fly rod the other day and am trying to match it up to a good reel. Due to budget and availability I'm using Amazon.ca. Yes, please don't scorn me.

Now, there is a Sage reel 2210 for sale. Does anyone know if this is a good reel? Moreover do you think it will hold up for river fishing steelhead and salmon?
How about saltwater use? I plan to go after bonefish one day, and make occasional trips to oceanic destinations so I would like it to be versitile.

I was going to buy the Reddington Behemoth, but the owner retracted my purchase and gave it to an in store customer first ?.

Any way, what's the general opinion of the sage 2210? Is it a piece of aluminum trash with a fancy name slapped on, or is it genuinely worth it?


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