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I caught one coho last month, saw adipose fin missing, cut the head off, sent to tackle store.

I knew I was doing the good thing and had been waiting for fishery to contact me.

Today, I got the letter, they thank me and told me the one I caught was just a hatchery salmon. no tag in it

What a joke

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Jighead, the budget for fin clipping harchery fish has been downsized of the years. A little more each year after the first cut was made. The program can no longer afford to " pin tag " as many as they used to. I thnink they are now pin tagging well under 20% of the clipped fish (all hatchery sthd, most coho, chin. are clipped) are pin tagged. I have returned a number heads and must say more heads than letters saying where they were from. But I still try to get every head of a marked fish I take back to the DFO. I have had fish from Oregon, Wash., Van. Isle. Kitimat, Mainland. It's kinda cool to get this information. And It give them some extra info about migration and stocking. Like how well net pen project work, just for one. So don't get disouraged. Keep sending in the heads.

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Sanderson said:
I dont get it, where is the joke?
I was a little bit upset that what I had done did not help.

Thank you for your explanation, it makes me feel good. I am happy to know that, although there is no tag in it, the salmon head can still help fishery in other ways.

By the way, next time, I will probably check the head before deliver it ...
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