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The six of us asrrived a little after 8 Friday morning at Salmon lake and after getting settled into our cabin we were out and at em. Lines in the water by 10, we trolled around with some Leeches and Dragonfly nymphs, but no hits. Hit up the inlet on the lake and we tossed a few chironomids.Size 12 olive. Landed a few fish, but since the lake was turning over (STILL) the fishing was very slow, plus the wind was pushing my boat around too much. Saturday the six of us decided to hit up Harrys dam. A small, sheltered, light tea coloured lake with bigger fish. Used everything from chironomids,leeches,and dragonfly nymphs, and everything worked. We were informed that it had turned a while before Salmon, but it was still a little murky. Fishing was good in spurts, but by the end of the day i had 12 to the boat, biggest at 20" @4 pounds. All in all Saturday was a fun day :thumbup:. If anyone is planning on hitting up Salmon lake I would strongly suggest Harrys Dam.At only 15 kms or so away, it was very close, plus when it warms up just a little more the hatches off that lake would be great. Sunday was our last day to fish, and boy was it slow. Out of the 9 boats on the water, 1 guy was having slow luck, but luck none the less. Salmon should be great in a week or two, just as long as the wind isnt blowing like mad.Try fishing close to the reeds, it usually produces lots of fish.
Cheers, tuber
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