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salmon returns

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salmon returns this year for the fraser are projected to be at their lowest in almost 50 years....a sign of things to come?....lets hope not
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where did u hear that?

I heard that besides the low return of early run chinook (before august) the rest was crazy awesome...record runs of harrison whites, chum, coho look to be good....sockeye will be zilch yet again (no brainer) and ya just the early run chinook is super low apparently....late summer run chinook look to be really strong!
First of all the are not suppose to be lowest in 50 years from what I've heard (and just think if they were this low 50 years ago without all these problems, why should we worry). Early Run Red Chinook numbers are suppose to be low, however Record runs of Harrison fish are suppose to be moving through this year. Coho are not suppose to be a very good run either, but the chum are suppose to be. And well Sockeye is a crap shoot every year now...
No fish to be had, everyone stay home :p, except those fishing with me :thumbup:.

Low returns of early run Chinook and Sockeye, the rest should be fine and remember fish selectively or the river will get closed.
hows the "selective fishing" going so far? are there many guys out flossing with the opening?
As usual, the moron fringe will bottom bounce when requested not to, and like last year it will get closed again.Here we go yet again.Funny how some people never change their styles.. :naughty:
this was reported on the news the last couple of days.....take from it what you will
No Coho, the news often sensationalizes and over exaggerates much to do with the recreational fishery.

Obviously there is problems with salmon runs in the Fraser, but the media knows no difference between the early summer sockeye and the hundreds of other runs that actually return in good numbers.

The sky is falling one minute then the next filling dump trucks with gravel full of pink alevin is not news worthy.

Test sets shows a upswing( which is what happens when the river drops), which might mean the summer Chinook run will be decent. Apparently the Columbia is looking good for early summer Chinook so far so lets hope we will as well.

I wonder with a slot limit placed on Fraser fisherman, is there slot limits in the Ocean along the travel routes, are there other closures in the salt?, or are we still pretending overharvest in the ocean is not the problem while pointing fingers at the natives, pretty typical :wallbash:.
Yes I've always wondered how they control these things out in the ocean also.... Im pretty sure the commercial netters will end up netting and killing bigger ones anyways because once they are in the net Im assuming they are pretty much dead. Hopefully DFO just screwed up their numbers and we actually have decent numbers coming back... DFO has been known to screw up before so it would be no surprise to me if they did it again (how accurate can you actually be when it comes to fish in a massive river). I just hope coho runs and White chinook are decent this year, at least I can go home with soar arms then :thumbup:
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