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Salmon/Steelhead budget rod and reel setup

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Greetings. This post is to help people get setup with a nice quality rod and reel for around $150.00 cdn. Please excuse my lack of correct grammar and punctuation.

I am just getting into salmon/steelhead float fishing and so is a good friend of mine. I needed to setup 2 people with a rod and reel for as little money as possible. Knowing that we may run into large Spring salmon on our ventures I wanted the rods and reels to at least not be so cheap as they would get destroyed by a large Spring or Chum salmon. After alot of reading this forum, Rod`s fishing page, Mike`s reel repair forum and various internet sites this is what I came up with. I will also add I have almost no experience taking bait casting reels apart or fixing them.

Step 1 - Get an Ebay account(necessary)
Step 2 - Get a paypal account (not totally necessary, alot of sellers offer other payment methods)
Step 3 - bid and win auction for Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 fishing reel (my case win 2 Abu 6000 auctions)
Step 4 - Buy 2 used 10`6 Quantum baitcasting fishing rods from Mike`s reel repair
Step 5 - Buy parts for Abu 6000 reel upgrade from Mike`s
Step 6 - Download schematics for Abu 6000 reel seat# 090115/52 from Mike`s website
Step 7 - Reels arrive and I do the upgrades, load the reels with Maxima Ultragreen 15lb test
Step 6 - Go fishing!

Now for the approximate cost. I will do the cost for 1 rod and reel set up Canadian dollars taxes included.
1 Quantum Tour 10`6 MH fishing rod used $25.00
1 Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000(made in Sweden new, not in box, probably no warranty) $52.00
1 Abu Carbon Fibre drag system $12.70
1 Dual bearing worm kit $34.40 (I am installing this next)
1 Abu Rocket braking system $3.76
1 Pair Abec5 stainless steel bearings $10.14 (this is to replace the stock bushing on one end of the spool)

Total cost for rod $25.00

Total cost for upgraded reel $113.00

Total cost for rod and reel including taxes $138.00 cdn.

If you can`t spend all the money quoted you can definately cut back on some of the reel upgrades. The rocket braking system and the dual bearing worm kit could be easily left out. If you only do one upgrade to the reel, make it the carbon fibre drag system, the stock drag system wasn`t very good, with the new carbon fibre drag kit it now feels like a champ.
Once again, you do not need a lot of money,skill or tools to start fishing with decent quality gear and you get the bonus of learning the inside out of your reel. You will also be using a super sweet 5 bearing reel to play those salmon and steelhead with confidence.

Cheers to Mike`s Reel repair, someone on the forums called KenD and all the other posters who inspired me to do this.

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