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Salmonater had stared this one before the crash but I also had a relpy from my local MLA.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email regarding salmon stocks on the central coast of BC. Mr. Dhaliwal appreciates you taking the time to contact our office and offer your views on this matter.

Mr. Dhaliwal believes it is very important for him to personally read all correspondence from his constituents, however due to the very high volume of email traffic we receive he does prefer to communicate via paper letter. Your residential address and postal code would be most helpful to us in this regard. If you could, would you please let us know by return email so that Mr. Dhaliwal can respond.

Kindest regards

Ken Montgomery

Office of Sukh Dhaliwal, M.P.

Not much but if the pressure is too much to bear they'll have to act.....!!

:beerchug: Marko
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