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Being a newbie (yet successful :happy:) salt angler, i have a few questions, that i've heard to many different advices about.

- How long do you cook fresh crab 1) to eat right away 2) to freeze 3) how long to cook a frozen one?

- When trolling for Coho, what kind of set-up and depth to fish?

- Same for sockeye & chum?

Thanks...........should have my boat ready to fish Kitimat/Rupert next year!

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Been in the seafood biz for a while now, Crab as for as I know has to be cooked within 2 hours of cleaning or death. Boil the water, add crabs and cook for 10mins after the water starts to boil again. After it has been cooked it can be frozen (sectioned) and should last maybe a month before the meat starts to burn inside the shell. Glazing it with cold water shortly after freezing will add a bit of time. Freezing it shucked/vacuum sealed is probably the best way to go, it will last quite a while in the freezer.

As for the fish part, there is no rhyme or reason to any purticular run of fish. Try things and put your time in, ask people who are doing well on a certain fish at a certain time for a certain area? I could tell you whats been working consitantly off sooke the last couple years but youre probably fishin a whole different run of fish in a whole different area? hope that helps a bit :beerchug:

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Crab-cook in boiling salted water for 7 to 8 minutes then rinse in fresh cold water-Note that Crab is best eaten cold. :thumbup:

Coho-the Best artificial is a Glo Hootchie behind a Flasher going fast if that doesn't work for a while then suddenly slow down Coho are great followers.

After that any spoon in bright colours, an Apex or jointed plug in Green or Blue.

Bait-cut the trailing hook off a cut plug/mooching rig, then take a Herring and cut a true 45 degree angle halfway down the body and discard the head.

Spike the bait (now called a Firecracker) with the hook, up through the spine and drag like a spoon but close to the surface, stupid deadly.

Sockeye-a Pink Squirt (smallest size) Hootchie 24" behind a Red Flasher going dead slow.

Chum-quite similar to Sockeye maybe a Pink/Blue Squirt.

Chums are the toughest of all to catch very moody fish.
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