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Saltwater Shore Fishing

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Hi Guys,

I was hoping that you all could help me out with an answer to my set of questions here. First off, a little backround so you can understand where I am coming from. I am fortunate enough to be heading out to Vancouver island for a tour the island vacation. I am coming out from SouthEastern Ontario (Ottawa to be exact) and I am trying to decide if it would be worth the effort to try and drag along a fishing rod in hopes of being able to wash a few lures in the ocean.

I have looked into the licencing and legal requirements, and searched as best I could - but I cant seem to find much information about whether Im just waisting my time or not. I dont really care what I catch - everything will be all new to me since Im used to catching catfish, pickerel, and bass here in Ontario.

If I were to bring a 7 foot medium heavy casting rod and appropriate reel, would I be in the right ballpark for the kinds of fish that would be in the closer shallower waters ? Do you have any recommendations on what kinds of lures/baits that might work ?

I have also been reading about the varius kinds of fish and limits, etc and I have to be honest that the Fisheries webpage about the Rockfish is a little concerning. I dont want to be catching rockfish and hurting them since the page stated that they dont survive after being caught. Is this the case for the deeper rockfish, or would it apply to the ones that are in range of shore as well ?

I will stop rambling now, but any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone ever has questions about pickerel or bass fishing in Ontario, I would be happy to help out.


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what time exactly are you heading out to the island? becuase if you are heading out withing the next 2 months you will be to early for pinks. yes pink salmon this year in campbell river...the actual river. peak time is first few weeks of august unti the end of august. but on the other hand, fly-fishing for big sea-run cutthroat up to 6lb.s are available in the oyster river in saratoga beach.

tight lines,
Most places with rock shores with hold rock fish at times. It pretty hard not to taget them around rocky bottoms, they will take most things. They are actually a pretty hardy fish if not handled badly. The air bladder is the biggest concern but if you are shore fishing few places with be deep enough to cause the air bladder to inflate. It is really only a problem after 60ft of H2O.
There are alot of other things to catch too, small ling cod, cabazon, surf perch, green ling. I would definatly bring a rod with me if I was on a trip like that.
As Cohocody said a chance for salmon and cuttethoat too.
Where are you going?
have fun, Jason
around victoria: otter point (august, sept) -sooke, beechy head (all summer, long hike) - east sooke, gonzales point (later summer) - victoria or ogden point (break water)(later summer is best) - victoria. all produce nice springs from shore. 2.5 inch zinger wht/blue, wht/grn or the hologram ones

oh yeah those heavy spoons work well too :wink:
Thanks for the tips guys. I will actually be heading out on this upcoming weekend, which is not going to be good timing for the salmon. It doesnt matter too much to me what I catch - Im just going to to consider myslef lucky to be out there.

I will be actually making a circle of the southern part of the Island - basically from Campbell River to Victoria to Port Renfrew, plus a trip out to Tofino. Lots of different spots and areas I suppose.

Im guessing that I should be looking for rockier areas with a some deeper water around them. Should I be bringing gloces or anything else to handle some of the fish that could be caught from the rocks like this ? The pictures of some of them (rockfish/sculpin) looks like they are pretty spiny.

I would love to try anc catch a number of different saltwater species ,and I will drop in after the trip and let you guys know how it turned out.


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i would recomend fishing the very end of the breakwater(ogdon point) in victoria usind a 2 &half inch buzz bomb (green pearl or black pearl) my setup when i lived there was a medium casting rod 8ft with a spinning reel loaded with 10lb test line almost always took home a nice spring the odd ling cod there as well and tons of sea bass(black bombers) just watch how others are fishing and follow suit! anouther way is to use a herring rake and get little herring and use a bottom rig (kinda like a bar rig) and hook the herring to your hook throw out as far as possible and hold on!!!! there were lots of fish around when i lived there but the only thing you have to watch for is divers as the outside of the breakwater is a marine park!!!!! hope this helps......
Zzinger and Buzz Bomb fan club... funny the Buzz Bomb got it's name from the first indipendantly guided missle - A gyrosope. Memorial day +1 and all.
Most of the places you mentioned have fishing piers. Drop into a fishing shop and they will explain licenses and if you are close to a boat launch or fishing pier, they normally are right up to date with what lures are hot. I would take coho killers advice and pick up a few buzz bombs or zingers and just ask any locals you see fishing how to use them. Most people are very happy to give a few pointers. Good luck
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