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well to say it was cold this morning would be an understatement....about -6 when i started and -3 when i left....the river has come down quite a bit since last week and conditions looked quite good....there was alot of ice on the rocks close to shore so watching your footing was very important...even with these colder temps there were guys all along the holes from vedder crossing up....alison seemed to be the busiest so i went further up near thurston.....worked a nice stretch with roe sacks and pink worm and came up empty.....i was blessed with the presence of my girlfriend today who got out of bed just to be my support team.....well i stopped fishing for a few minutes to grab a drink and looked down at the spot i had just finished casting into and watched in horror as another guy landed a beauty 12lb steel on his first cast....what a piss off!!! he was using roe sacks with a splash of peach wool....so i continued to work the area in the hopes of landing my first steel ever.....nothing once again.....off to my next....started working a couple of nice slicks....then the dredded snag fest began....first a stick then a rock and finally i had had enough for today.....well i guess i am going to see about heading up again tomorrow.....any vets interested in helping this noob with some spots to try.... please PM me...good luck out there.....on a side note we met the new owner of the on the way store....great guy but he knows nothing about fishing at all....he did mention that everyone that came through was very tight lipped about gear and where the bite was hot.....till next time


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Hey brodz we found the same thing , hopefully they keep the place up .I've had that happen to me
too.Work an area hard and some duefus come along and captures your prize. Always when you least expect
it, the unexpected happens, thats why I try not to get too intence or take it too seriously.I
might head up tomorrow depending on which way this head cold goes but
as usual fishing comes first. Pm me you appox location and we'll hook up...Marko... ;D
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