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Trolled 1 to 3:30 this afternoon Saturday Feb 18. No fish today.

Unfortunately it was too rough for me to comfortably head out into the deep where the big Springs were frenzying, so I generally stayed under 100 along Spanish and Jerico.Wind and rollers were a pain except while trolling with it. I saw only one quick tug on one spoon for a half of a second that must have missed the hook. That was all the action for the day. I wish I was going a bit faster when I saw the one bite. I'm guessing it was a 60 pounder. I think spoons need a faster troll to hook more mouth. The video on this web site shows a fish attacking a spoon at least twice without getting hooked. Maybe going faster would have helped.


Advice: check or charge your battery in this cold. Mine is old, but was good last weekend, but dead this morning. Fortunately, I got a motomaster eliminator power box for Christmas 2004, which has jumper cables. If you're looking to drop $ on something good, I recommend these things. I probably used it to jump cars at least 5 times in the last year. I even used it to get home once when my alternator blew in one vehicle and sucked the batt dry. More advice... Don't drive with the hood unlatched even going slowly with the power box propping the hood up a bit. Lets just say it left a mark.

Last mistake of the day...I had to wait an hour at the Kits ramp for the tide to come in high enough to trailer my beautiful old Double Eagle.

Rule of thumb for the day:
5 degrees and 10 knot wind = not great.
10 degrees and 5 knot wind = much better
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