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Saturday the 23rd...Bell Buoy

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Just letting you guys know (as someone was mentioning it on another forum)....there is a pretty good sized regatta sailing out of Royal Van on Saturday. I think race start is around 11:30....and depending on the wind the "marks" in the race may be up towards the Bell Buoy. So if you are fishing and see a floatilla of sailboats heading your way; keep an eye out where the marks are. I am going to talk to the Race Committee today or early tomorrow to ask them to be aware that there may be a lot of boats pulling around lead balls up towards the Bell Buoy.

Just wanted to let y'all know there may be a race course up that way tomorrow. I'll be on the slowest boat...(big old boat from Seattle I have been racing in this race for 7 years now).....so if you need to give someone the finger....let it fly at "Panther" as I have thick skin. :thumbup:

Racers should be done out there by 1:30 at the latest.
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you should drag a bucktail while racing...you never know! or will that extra friction slow you down too much? :confused:
The boat is a "slug" in the water.....we can't slow ourselves down any further. We may have to resort to "light" beer as well. :beerchug:
I am assuming with the name you will be racing a Martin. Good luck! I sailed a 243 a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Not too conducive to a relaxing day on the water when it is blowing 20 knots but tonnes of fun.
Apparently there was another regatta....not sure what "club" or "group" put that one on. I just read about the "issues" on the "other forum" and thought I would give people the heads up.

This one is a good size with likely 40 boats in it.
Seriously Pippin put out a line. It a charity race, have some fun. And you should light up the fuel with some rum. :drunk:

Have fun, Jason
Started fishing on a strange vibe. We passed a car on the way to the water with a guy passed out, hopefully only passed out, in the middle of an intersection engine on and brake lights on high. Called 911 but didn't wait around for the cops.

Hit the water a little before sun rise and were putting our lines out with two other early risers. With in sort time there were as many boat as bait and bairt was everywhere. Even saw swirl and heard the gulp of a shaker eating a sand lance. Latter we so some porpises, I was not sure if they were dalls or habour. Caught a dog fish. And decided it was stupid to stay in the ever groing pack. Didn't have enough gas to go where I wanted - Tofino - so we trolled over to the North Arm. A hit from something submerged was all we got. We got un-hooked from it without loosing anything. Decided to give Spanish Bank between the two marker and in to the freighters a try on the way in an got two shakers. Gave up and watch the start of the race.

Fished Anchovies with and without flashers between 20 and 80 feet from 6:15am to 10:30am.

Back at the dock I was told that killer whale had be in over night.

Have fun, Jason
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we started fishing about 1/2 way between the qa and bell buoy at about 9:30 this am (sat23) fished for about 2 hrs. nothing but grilse, didn't see any or hear of any action so we headed to ambleside and fished for an hour there, more grilse, went to granville isle. for some lunch at go fish (best fish and chips around), back to ambleside about 2:30pm, picked up a 13# red male chinook at the pink apartments @ 3pm 40' on a chovie, finished up about 3:30 and headed in for the day. beer in hand now and fish on bbq, gotta love it. didn't see any other fish caught out there today, very sloooooooooooow. i'm off to milbanke sound tommorrow early to do some guiding, back thurs. hopefully things pick up again here.
cheers ferret
20# spring by the Spanish Banks marker (chromechaser got it - after I'd missed 2).
Bunch o'shakers.
About 7 hours on the water.

Off to the Derby next weekend.
Thanks again J-global for another great day on the water. With the weather, the water conditions and the company who can complain even if the fishing was a little slow. I couldn't figure out how to post the photos but will email them to you. Check you messages and hope to see you on the island next week. Tight lines all.
Well..got out yesterday (Saturday) for some more fishing.....thought I'd see exactly what people meant by "slow" fishing over the last two days. So on the basis of local area knowledge I went to my favorite fishing "spot" at this time of year. Lo and behold, I had just a handful of other boats around me which was definitely a welcome change from the GONG SHOW at Thursday night's location. Dropped in the lines and started trolling. Water was calm, a couple of seals over the area so we began to wander. Then it happened....a quick series of heavy jerks and it was "FISH ON!". After about 10 minutes, we slipped what looked to be a FAT 35 lb Red Spring into the net--sure enough..on the spring scale...35 lbs of prime RED SPRING! . Look around...no other boats saw us get it. Still trolling along with the other rods in the water........so we put the other lines back down. About a half hour to 45 minutes later.....WHAM! Fish on. We didn't even see the fish hit and I ran to the rod as the fish was already taking it's first run. After a few minutes, BONK BONK BONK...a 23 lb Marble was whacked. Got to love it!

I'm not quite sure what everyone was talking about... "Slow fishing?!" WHAT Slow fishing?!

So..what led me to fish an area where few others were fishing? Hmmm...let's see....call it 100% opportunity. I'd much rather fish a spot which has just as good a chance of producing a few fish as opposed to a spot with 40 boats criss crossing all over eachother.

So that extends my "big fish in the box" streak to 6 trips! ;D

Looking forward to a reprieve in this weather so I can get out again! :thumbup:
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Sounds like T10 was the place to be :beerchug:
Put in today around noon @ McDonald... down & out to T10 - Seemed like we were the only ones out there for a few hours.... with good reason. ZIPPO. At least i pealed off a few layers & worked on my suntan.

Coming back with some big swells out there, in around 5:30pm closer to the Breakwater in @ about 55feet - fish on :)... Beautiful ~25lb-er Spring on my Dad's line... he pulled it up close, we all got a good look at it, but it wasn't ready to come in... it ran with the line (not Dad's usual rod, tension was high... but the fish was running - hard.) I motored over - while he realed in the tension... everything looking good. Could taste it on the grill. OOps.. big mistake to think that far ahead. Other lines were up... downrigger up... Dad was smiling - it was sensational... until, fish ran towards & under the boat. i had cut the motor by this point... but somehow... the line well, got cut. SO SO SAD. :'(

My reportfor the day: More blips on the hummingbird closer to the mouth than @ T10.

Hope you have better luck out there,
I'm back to selling condo's tomorrow. Wanna buy one?
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