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Sawmill lake ?

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:shock: Any one ? iced off? anyone ... .lol
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Im goin ther this weekend any suggestions ?
Well I've only fished it twice, each time with some success. If you haven't been there, there are some prominent shallow areas where it is usually fairly obvious what is hatching....
If you have been there then you know what i mean, eh?
Both times up there, I fished chronomids part of the time, once with great success using bloodworms...but I'm not sure this time of year, I guess it will mostly depend on the weather, go figure...
I also hooked up with olive damselfly nymphs, but there were obviously some in the water and climbing up on the reeds at the time. One of the trips, everything kinda shut down for a while, and after a brief rain storm I managed to entice one with a fast retrieve Blk doc sprat with gold trim...so I guess it's a crap shoot untill you get there Mark,
If you haven't been there definitely get a hold of a map showing the depths of this lake as there are at least two deep holes in specific parts of the lake where the shoals nearly surround them, these spots were where I concentrated my time, and man there are some nice fish in there!!!! I actually find a boat is more efficient in there than the tube, as the shoals can get very shallow in strategic spots, and sometimes the only way to keep from spooking them is to sit way up on the shoal at least 30 ft from the drops....Now, I'm sure you know the regs, but for anybody else reading this who might be curious, its C&R, fly fishing only in there....
also, careful some of the fish in there are real brutes!!!! I had one swim right into the marl shoal under all the vegetation once and it snapped me off....looked like a small steelie it was so nice!!!!
Great lake, nice camping up on the hill there too....
Hope that helps,
rib :)
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IM BACK ! ther was still a ton of ice on it .. The nice camp ground on the hill was covered in glass and people smashing bottles together drunk out of ther minds ... Could have headed too the other side of the lake but didnt trust my truck on that back road .Only stayed for one day but got ther early the day before and scoped out the lake (paid off ) with ice on 3/4 of the lake and NO WATER ! (there was 2 ponds ther ,,,I walked accross the middle too the other side )not alot of room with 15 other boats and belly boats ,But for the first part of the morning we were alone And it was VERY cool ,I like fishing with others but this was nice we had a spot wher the fish were all schooling (alot of fish ) We just figured them out when the ice mass shifted and headed into us ,Ther was about a 1 hour opening in this area and i wished that it was 2 days because ther was alot of fish ther ,I had too drag my boat along way through the ice wher we found more fish (not as many) but my budy and i used the same set up ... this is neet because i used a black bead head leach with a little flash in it and he used straight black same bead and fished all the time out of the same boat sided by side and they wouldnt touch my fly .. and hit his steady .. We seen maybe 4 -6 fish taken between everyone in the early part of the day by the time we left at noon we had hit hit 12 he hit 8 i hit 3 landed all them, but one ! ...Tough fishing though .... got one nice one on chrony ! other then that it was nice up ther And i think ill go back next weekend for a day or 2 lol ... :D Had a good time at least ther was water to fish and the day was nice ! i would like to goto island lake ! (ok) lake .... and of course Dragon is on my list again...
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Sounds like a great trip markinhope! surprised the ice was still on, I've never fished it that early in the year....what were the sizes of those fish you caught? great little lake eh? real gem. Good to hear you made out well!!! I'll have to get out there this spring sometime....
A friend of mine caught a couple beauties on a boatman pattern this past weekend! :eek:
:) most the fish we got were on micro leach , one on chronimid!
Are you talking about Sawmill Lake above Oliver? It's a shame about the drunks and their bottle smashing. Last time I camped there (10 years ago) the road was still so rough I would of thought it would discourage any casual partiers. Is it better now or will I still rip the exhaust system off my car?
It's a very interesting lake. It's a lush ecosystem with lots of insect production and local wildlife. There are turtles and also a species of salamander which grow to 20 cm which are, as I understand it, quite rare...The lake, (also called Burnell), was killed off completely by fisheries in 1986 by "chemical rehabilitation" to remove invasive species (namely pumpkinseed fish)... Subsequently, five different rainbow strains were introduced shortly thereafter to determine which strain was most able to adapt to the lake and grow the largest. Two strains were chosen: Fraser valley trout hatchery fish (domestic juveniles) and Pennask lake sterile female stocks. These strains were best suited to the nutrient rich ecosystem and grew quickly. The pennask lake strains grow large and fast, and die of old age or predation and never produce offspring, they're the really big lunkers you can occasionally find in there....The Fraser valley "domestics", grow quickly also, but are able to produce offspring and establish a naturally reproducing population, in somewhat smaller but still respectable average sizes. After a few years of winter kill, and low water levels, fisheries management installed two aerators to prevent winterkill and applied, and were approved, for the diversion of a portion of the water flowing in a nearby stream ...thereby eliminating the swamp like conditions that can arise from lack of water, which can kill fish in a very short period of time.
Fisheries then combined all of these variables with low yearly stocking numbers to keep the average fish size high and now, as some of you already know, the lake is managed as a "quality fishery",with a winter fishing closure, and barbless hook, flyfishing only restrictions...paradise!!!!
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