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After my experiences with the DFO this past September (Trying to get an officer, ANY officer down to the gong show of the Vedder during the rush of the pinks) and finding out that there's only 3 DFO officers for the entire region, (from the Fraser up past Hope, all the way down into Richmond.... 3 officers. THREE)
The officer I spoke to on the phone was quite candid about his frustration with a lack of support from the federal level, and told me that he'd heard that even more cut backs were coming.

Now, with those very cutbacks looming, our fisheries industry -- which is already grossly under managed -- is going to devolve into an absolute nightmare, and nobody on the DFO side seems to be able to talk about it.

This smacks of the McCarthy era of American politics. Way to go, Harper.


Other than voting more vehemently next time around, what can we do?
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