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sechelt - Salmon / trout trip

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Alright, with my oh so perfect plan of indiam arm-river / norton lake burned up due to the road closure (better I found out now, then standing in front of the gate with a sullen look on my face! :wallbash: I have been trying to find another area where I could do some river salmon fishing and get some lake trout fishing in. That has lead me to the Sechelt area, where there appears to be lots of cuttthroat and rainbow lakes, many salmon bearing streams and maybe even the 'tinny in the arm for some crabbing/salmon/or bottom fishing :happy:!!!!! Sounds like a great plan doesn't it? Here's where the final details need to be ironed out: Looks like some of these rivers will have chum or winter coho in them by mid-october??? (according to the web) some of the lakes in the area carlson, dragon, or maybe some lakes in tetrahedron park have trout. Problem is, as always, when you look at a backroads book... how are the roads? Even if we could find a decent beach in the arm where we could park the truck and try to find some salmon and then beach the boat and do some walk-ins to some trout lakes??? I know this is a lot to absorbe but if you get the drift I have a 4 days for my once every two years trip and would like to get as much fishing and different types of fishing in a s possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course, there's always the back-up plan.... a one week tour of the exotic strip clubs of great vancouver!!!!!
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