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Sept 3 Bell Bouy

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Couldn't sleep when I woke up at five... why not go fishing. Started fishing around 6:30. About ten boats. I fished 1 rod at 44' with anchovie and one at 60'. Got a good fish on at 7:30, it took a long run as I pulled the other gear in. Landed it with no seal this time. That was the start of a real good bite, as I rushed to get my gear back in a guy got a double header next to me and it seemed everyone got something. Only got on other little fish that was released. Went in at ten. Heard Marko and CK maybe out there but I didn't see them.

Have fun, Jason.
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Nice work Jason!! You seem to be getting into them pretty consistently!! :beerchug:
Spiced Anchovies is the key! :thumbup::beerchug:
they weren't your anchovie's. Just regular store bought with some milk.
Have fun, Jason
We were at the bell buoy all weekend. Saturday we got a 24# and Sunday a 20#. Today started out pretty bad. On our way out from Skyline marina, our electric downrigger fell off. I had just put it on the mounts and probably didn't tighten up the nut very tightly and must have vibrated off. $500 deficit to start the day with. There is a Scotty electric downrigger in the north arm of the Fraser just downstream of the Arthur Laing bridge, just so you know.

With one downrigger left, we fished from around 7 to noon and a 20# at 20 feet first thing before I got my other rod in. Got a 30# at around 9 at 30 feet. The big one hurt my hand pretty good during the first run. I thought I was going to run out of line. Got in in close and it carved an arc in front of us. The dorsal fin cutting the water. Cool! All on achovy.

... Photobucket seems to be down right now.
Sounds like the bite was pretty good for the first few hours of daylight for you guys. We got out at 9am and got nothing until almost 2pm, then we finally got a beauty from West of the Bell at around 80 ft on anchovie.

Not being a morning guy, I'm glad to see afternoon flood tides are coming in later this week.
Hey Big Jay yes marko and i were out yesterday! Started by meeting Marko at his place about 5:50 am loaded my gear into his boat and we were off! Launched at a place called captians cove! Got the boat into the water and i just knew i forgot something. MY TACKEL BOX! :wallbash: Marko the nice guy he is offered to go back to delta and get it for me, if i were to watch the boat. I did and he did! Jus over a half hr later marko returns with the rest of my gear!(Thanks again Marko!) Now were ready to go 7:30 am down the river we go in antisapation o big chinook salmon fighting at the end of our line. Nice ride to the chuck from the boat launch. We get to where all the other boats are and get geared up! Lines in the water and now were fishing. :thumbup: I was using my new UV Purple Haze flasher with my new uv purple haze teaser head with nice fat anchovie. Marko was using the same teaser head as me but his flasher was a lil different, made by delta tackle this flasher was one that has 3 triangle rotating blades looke killer in the water but i have no idea on what the flasher is called? So were fishing for maybe if were lucky half an hr and the motor dies! Marko trys to start it and nothing! He now says the motor is seized, i'm like sh%# there goes our whole day of fishing! So now were drifting with the tide i'd say north towards vancouver, No kicker motor or radio to call for help! :wallbash: So marko trys to get the attention of anouther boat i beleave it was a nice tophy boat with a blue top on it! As the trophy boat sees us waving our arms for help (we hear them say I think they need help) Do you honestly think they would stop fishing and come help us, Of coarse not, That to me was the biggest kick in the nuts i've ever had while fishing! Finally we get anouther boats attention and they cruise by close enough to talk to them, we say we need a tow back to stevston, The response we got was that they just got out fishing and were gonna fish the tide change and we were to tie up to a crab tram float and wait for them to be done fishing and we did! I knew in the back of my head that they were not going to help us back! I was right! But what they did do was put out a distress of a boat that needs help! Sure enough after about half hr being tied up to a crab trap and my arm super sore from jigging a nice big cabin cruser comes up to us and offers to help us out! :thumbup: About 2 min befor they showed up i seen oinks all around us so i was in the middle of getting my trout rod set up for some pink action but it wasn't to be! These nice people offered us aboard there vessle and about maybe 2 hrs later were back at the boat launchNot a bad day ok it was maybe a lil, i do not at this time remember the name of the boat that gave us a ride but they were super nice people i offered to give them money for there troubles but they said they would not accept it, for helping others in need is the law of the sea! Next time Marko we need a kicker motor and a radio to have any kind of outing just in case it happens again! Thats my report from yesterday! Oh the guys that told us to tie up to the crab trap did hook a fish with in minuts of talking to us! And what we seen just sitting there the fish were being cought by everyone but us! :wallbash:

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Yes another wild adventure indeed .... ::) But what CK forgot to mention is that I did pull in a three
foot mud shark retrieving my gear,thats got to account for something bud... :D The weather was perfect
with just enough cloud cover and no wind or rain. Lots of seals,approx 40 and one lonely porpoise cruzing
around. Had a great time and the flashers were just called a cone flasher,shaped like an ice cream cone
and are selling like hot cakes.....BTW if anyone can help in rebuilding an over heated siezed motor or
advise as to what to do ,I thank-you in advance. :thumbup:

As I was told it would be cheaper to by another used one. ::)

:beerchug: Marko
What kind of motor did you guys hurt? Inboard, outboard? Gas, Diesel? Can you turn it over by hand now or is it seized solid? Dare I ask about oil level and its appearance :-X
It was in great shape...The motor is a '92, 50 HP Mercury OB. had tons of jam and ran great. Must
have over heated from no coolent. The pistons and or crank can only be turned a quarter back and
fourth. I'm sure if somone had the time they could pull it apart, any takers....?? :( Marko
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