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Nice day to fish, although quite lumpy! Headed to the mouth of the Cap, where the seas were a little more kind. Heard of a nice coho landed that morning, and a few springs, so was hard not to have any expectations, even though I was running on a 4 trip skunk streak. Lines in the water about 3pm, first hits came about 90 minutes later. 3 of them, in abot 4 minutes. Unfortunately, none stayed on for very long, or they just weren't there at all, even though the rod snapped straight vertical, and I was on it like a hobo on a hot dog. Next pass, rewarded with a nice #14 white spring, and then landed another about #16 1/2 hour later. Seas calmed down around 5pm, but by then the bite was off. My guide Terry's buddy was fishing along side most of the afternoon, and he landed a couple of beauties as well, including one a little over #20. Once again, another successful "Bonnie Lee" day on the water. ;D
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