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Serengeti Fishing Charters Report - Absolutely Awesome Port Hardy Fishing!

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So this last week and a bit has been some of the best fishing imaginable...hopefully a sign of things to come. Non stop action for the most part...the worst day of the week consisted of 4 Chinook, and 2 Big Coho...the Chinook weighing in at 35, 35.5, 36, and 18...that was the worst day!!! Almost every other day at least 7 or 8 Chinook were caught!!!

Anchovies are working well...preferably small as the fish are feeding on needlefish. Halibut are nailing salmon bellies like no other...limits being caught every time out pretty much once again with avg size around 25lbs....perfect eating size!

If you want a great fishing trip..give us a shout..I'll let the fish speak for themselves....

Serengeti Fishing Charters

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