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Fishing was in a lil slump for 4 days...but I knew it couldn't last too long. More great fishing has returned and today it was almost impossible to keep the salmon off...seriously!!! It was a blast...plus the hali's were impossible to keep off too!! What a day...on the Pursuit, 14 halibut (some real beauties too), limit of Coho, and a couple nice Springs.....on the Campion, limit of hali's, limit of Coho's, and a couple nicer Springs (to my schegrin). ;D

All the Coho's are beautiful size...10-16lbs...big for this time of the year. Chinook are 20-26lbs last couple days...although 4 days ago (in middle of slump) we managed 3 Chinook...only seeing 3 caught between 10 other boats...weighing in at 30, 27, and 18. Fishing is back to normal and I couldn't be happier...plus have a great group of clients out with us whose first priority is having fun...and man are we ever having it!!!

Here are the pictures from the Pursuit today...

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