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Hey all,

What a long weekend! Hot fishing pretty much everyday. Nailed one around 50lbs as well...huge for this early in the season...it was only June 29th :happy: Hitting lots in the 25-35lbs range as well. Pretty much non stop action yesterday afternoon as well, must give some credit to Chad from Coastwide Sportsfishing for that as well. Halibut again easily being caught without much trouble...hit bottom...reel em up and whola...got yourself a nice 30lbs halibut.

Picked up some real nice 10-14lbs Coho as well...those are some massive Coho for this time of the year...every thing seems to be bigger this season. Hopefully a sign of things to come ;D All were caught on anchovy...flasher colors varied day by day depending on what specific run was going down the straights.

We still have about 6 or 7 days left in the summer for a great fishing adventure...be sure to give us a shout if you are interested in some amazing fishing.

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