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Hey all,

Well, this past week produced some amazing fishing, for both halibut and chinook salmon. Today was probably the best with tons and tons of Chinook being hooked into, and some big boys as well...especially considering its only mid June. Today landed 2 well over 30lbs as well as a couple in the 20's. Not to mention the 8 we lost, including one monster (40+lbs) right beside the boat...it was hard not to cry! haha. Day before landed one over 30lbs as well as a 25, 23, and one in the high teens. Fishing is great, and every day so far this year halibut has been targeted a limit has been caught...most in the 20-35lbs range, with the exception of a few 50's.

Herring and Octopus are nailing the hali's, and anchovies are killer for the Chinook. Depths varying depending on where fishing, but near the bottom has been consistant in most places, with the odd exception.

Fishing only looks to get better as primetime comes around in July and August. If interested give us a shout, as it looks to be an amazing season.

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