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Seymour river

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Was over in North Vancouver today and decided to see if there were any fish coming into the Seymour river. What a surprise I got. The Squamish band are in the process of rebuilding their shoreline. I think it is going to be a lot better for the fish when they have finished.
When do the fish start coming up the Seymour? I thought they would be there by now but I never saw a single fish. Maybe all that heavy machinery is keeping them away.
Has anyone else been there lately?
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I was up there last night.. the water has cleared quite a bit, come down and is in great shape I was hoping to see some fish in the pool 88 area but nothing... The previous day I did see some nice coho moving up past pipeline bridge in the no fishing area while kayaking through the canyon. Im wondering if all the chaos down below is having an impact as well.
i've heard back in the day this used to be prime time for coho. first rains of september but that was a long time ago.
it does still get a run of coho... the system is slowly recovering so I usually dont fish it even though im a block away! usually head to the cap or up squamish way instead...
Head down to the maple wood farm area, end of september, Fish right at hightide, Lots of fish move in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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