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Well, now that the off season is near, I am starting to put away another great year of memories, that I got from the excellent quality of my tackle....well to start off one of many posts: today shall be the Shimano Technium 11'6 MH casting rod, or as I call it the flossing rod of all rods!

This rod has about the perfect amount of stiffness as well as softness. Good hook sets, surprisingly looooonnnnngggg casts, and awsome feel. I think it has to do with the lenght of a rod not the reel when casting......this rod saw about 25-30 long days of flossing in August and early september, about one, two, three, ten, fifteen, twenty wait....oh ya I think about thirteen springs were landed and over 30 hooked on this rod....amazing performance when fighting these big fish, that extra foot of lenght gives you the fisherman just that extra bit of "flex" when fighting springs and that is backed up with a ton of back bone, well sockeye were not much of a test on this rod......the eyes havn't wore down at all with the tuf line sliding in and out all day, actually I don't think there is a mark on the eyes....these rods also come with that reely cool gray/silver metalic rod color, pretty sweet!

Now the downside of these rods: It got reely heavy after a few hours of holding it (heavy), and also the line got twisted around the tip occasionally, I believe this has to do with the extra foot of lenght compared to a 10'6.....

Overall I give this rod a 10/10 and suggest if you can afford $165+ on a rod go for this rod!

Mike <"))))))><
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