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There is a small shipyard located on Annacis Island across the river from Scott Paper. They routinely sandblast small ships and allow the spent abrasive and blasted paint to freely enter the river. The abrasive dust can affect the gills of fish passing by. The paint being removed likely contains heavy metals such as lead. After the ships are blasted they are then spray painted with various industrial coatings, none of which could be good for the river from the subsequent over spray. The shipyard uses a rail system to pull ships up onto shore. All the dry spray and spent abrasive is allowed to wash into the river with the tide as the water level rises and falls.

If you are passing by this way in a boat (the only way to view the yard) keep an eye out for the pollution being created and give the DFO a call. I have given them a heads up and the more people complain, the more they might be inclined to investigate. I would think the DFO would be the people to call but maybe somebody has any other ideas.

I would like to think that this kind of business practice stopped years ago but it continues to this day. I was surprised to see a small BC Ferries ship being worked on there. You wouldn't think a big company like that would support such bad environmental practices.
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