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Fished the upper Shuswap yesterday and it is cleaning up nicely from the salmon runs. There are still a few salmon in the system but there are many other species following the runs and enjoying the natural smorgasborg of fresh eggs. When i first arrived I spotted a nice run and casted an egg sucking leech pattern for a chunky Rainbow, after releasing the fish I put on a sink-tip and casted an egg pattern to land a nice Dolly. Another cast and was given a Whitefish. 3 casts , 3 different types of fish. (better to get a hat trick fishing than hockey any day)Had a great day hooking and releasing many fish. I would have to say the Shuswap is hot right now! I'm sure it will stay that way untill guides freeze up . Then the spring will bring out the minnow patterns. Enjoy.
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