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A friend of mine fished the Shuswap River on Saturday and did very well with a fry pattern and a sinking line. If anyone has any other advice (patterns to use, locations etc.) please let me know by replying to this post or sending me a private message. What a beautiful river!


Late reply, but better late than never. Great picture! I spend alot of time at the Shuswap River... the later part of the runoff takes all of those salmon fry down river and the fishing is incredible. At that time of year the trout get fat with a smorgasborg of edible fish and eggs as well as a great supply of stoneflys. A minnow pattern with a tuft of peach or pink wool under the belly works well with a sink tip, or a dry stonefly for the rest of the year will give your reel a workout! Enjoy!
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