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Brian Mack @ Silversides Fishing Adventures
Saltwater fishing report for Vancouver, BC

It's been rather good lately for Pinks, Chinook & Coho along the West Vancouver waterfront. Each time we go out we are going home with many fresh salmon. Yesterday we took home 1 Chinook and 3 Pinks while we were out 'test fishing' 8) We're finding that anchovy works great but small herring will do the trick too. Teaser heads with 6-7 feet of leader behind a flasher will do the job.
If you're using hootchies go 30" behind flasher. We're getting fish anywhere from 25 - 85 feet.
High tide is great and early morning or late day too. The sunshine makes things tougher but not impossible.
There are lots of nice Coho at the Cap mouth that will take small lures or flies, but they are moody.

Best fishes!

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