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Simms G3 Guides Wading boot?

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So I have been looking at these boots for a while. Anyone have them? How do you like and are they worth the sticker price?

Thanks for any info!! I think they would go well with my new Simms waders, mind you I would have to get it past the women!! ??? ;D
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I have them and they are awesome. :thumbup: Way better than other simms boots. They make you about 4 inches taller too so they're good for scaring people out of your way on the vedder. :cheers: Plus they're stylin'. They will last you longer and are more comfortable. The tongue is really innovative and w/ the neoprene inside combined w/ the gravel guard that comes w/ most simms waders they allow for no water or dirt to seep in making them stay lighter for those long days on the river bank. And they'll protect your high priced waders as well. IMO a lightweight boot that is more sturdy, well-crafted, and looks cool make them definately worth the $200+ price tag. And from my experience simms has been really good with their warranty coverage as well. I say go for it.
Thanks Trout. Now I have to just find a way of skimming the money out of the account without her noticing!!! :confused: ;D
how much do those boots go for
No need to spend that kind of $$$.....check with Hub's in Abby. They have a really good selection of different wading boots.I got a beautiful pair of boots that are wearing like steel, look great, and at half the cost!...Ortho 8)
HOOK said:
how much do those boots go for
About $225 depending where you go!! ;D The price doesn't bother me at all. When I see something I like.... I find a way of getting it! :thumbup: ;D
***Let me prefice what I'm about to state by saying that I'm a gear head and subsequently love to read gear reviews before I make my decision on what to buy, and this is by no means a slight on Ortho because he makes a very valid point.***(edited section)

fishortho said:
No need to spend that kind of $$$.....check with Hub's in Abby. They have a really good selection of different wadfing boots.I got a beautiful pair of boots that are wearing like steel, look great, and at half the cost!...Ortho 8)
That may be true, but this is a gear review thread and that's what I gave. I tried to explain that there are some cool features not available on other boots that I've REALLY enjoyed on these, that make me feel that they are worth the money in my eyes. What's the point of posting on a gear review if you haven't used, or are interested in the product?

What if someone wanted a review on a Winston fly rod? My bet would be that this person already knows the price range they are jumping into and probably doesn't need to be bombarded by people telling him that there are many great rods in the $1-200 range. They are just looking for some feedback from people who HAVE made the same investment, and gague whether THEY are happy with it or not.

Simms G3s are probably the most expensive felt soled boot on the market so obviously there are cheaper options that also look cool and are durable, but he didn't ask about those.. He's selling a pair of freestones in the classifieds so it would seem to me that he's looking for an upgrade from the type of boot you are referring to. In my opinion, as I stated before, he's looking in the right direction.

I'll leave it to Bergler and the mods to decide but maybe the PM option would be better for providing one with info that really has nothing to do with the product in question so as to avoid clutter in the gear reviews section. Sorry for the rant, but like I said... I take my gear seriously.

I didn't see your last post before I wrote this Big Steel... Let me know if you get em and tell me if you like em as much as I do, maybe I'm just crazy :cheers: TC
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Fret not TroutChaser... I like all the info I can get. You are right though, I was looking for and upgrade from that level of boot. ;) But thanks a lot to FishOrtho for his take on it as well. :cheers: That way, others new to the forum and perhaps new to fishing as well will know that there are lots of options and not just what some tackle shops are trying to sell them. ;) Anyhow, I am real seriuos about my gear as well... I have bought and sold a lot of gear as some of you guys might have noticed. I am always looking for something new to try and if I like it, that peice stays in the arsenal. If I think that it is just a nice or good peice of gear, well....
Now I don't want to get into a long drawn out thing, so I will end it with this, the Freestones, as nice as they are, just weren't quite cutting it for me. They held up great and didn't rip or tear. Which is a first for me and boots. I was happy with them in that way. But I am having some back problems this last year and a half and I would like a bit more support if I could get it. These G3's seem to have that. Plus they are pretty smokin. So yes, I am going to get them, just don't know when I can swing it. :thumbup:
I will write my own review as well when I have worn them a couple times. ;D
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What gave you the opinion that I havn't used them, or interested in the product? I feel I am qualified to comment.....I threw on my post from the "review unread posts" department and didn't check the fine print that it was in gear review.....me bad!...That said, if I had noticed it was in the gear review, I would have said the same thing....IMHO there are a lot of fine boots out there that are often better than the very expensive and when looked after will last for years!!....for way less $$$. IN many respects, my friend, I, too am a gearhead and I have gone thru a lot of waders and boots. The best are not necessarily the most expensive, that's all..........I love my cheepies!!! ;D...Ortho 8)
So I bought the G3's yesterday and took them out for there first trip. They were a bit stiff for a little while, but they loosened up. After 6 hrs in them, I love them. Tons of support, very comfortable and some real nice features. The tounge is great, and doesn't bind up or pinch, they lace up easy and stay tight. They also look great if that sort of thing does it for ya!! :-X ;D So far they are a big :thumbup:!!

Oh yeah, and with the Simms Freestone Waders I picked up with the built in gravel guards that strap down to the laces of the boot, they were like a fortress. Nothing was getting in. Very comfortable new set-up, I was rather impressed and very happy with my new outfit!! ;) ;D
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