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Single egg sacks for Coho?

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Here is a good topic to discuss.....what are your success rates while using single egg sacks for coho? i

Does anyone use them at all? I tend to keep a few with me and have had marginal success while fishing swift shallow runs....but they just don't seem to key in on them like steelies do!

Mike <")))><
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I don't know about coho but they sure work on pinks :thumbup:
I have some of those whenever im on the vedder. Haven't hooked any with them yet.
I tried some last year and didnt catch any on them either. I think steelies just hit anything that comes near their mouths LOL they sure are an aggressive fish, IF you can find them :wallbash:
I have hooked many Coho on single egg sacks. :thumbup:
I have tried a few times but never any luck ... As mentioned before Steelies Lovem :thumbup:
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