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So my virgin experience to the skagit was, in the words of Borat, Great Success!

First evening was slow. Nailed about 5 less than 10" inch fish fishing the rapids with sunken dry flys.
Next day was amazing. hit the water around 11 it started off slow...

then I hit this drop off with a cut bank and slam some weighted nymphs in there...BOOM two fish in 4 casts. around 14-16 inches

move to the next hole. BOOM

3lb dolly, another rainbow about the same size and 3 others around 14 inches.

Next hole, BOOM two 12 inchers

Next hole a 10 incher.

Grand total was 20 or so fish. From what I heard it was slow for most. Not sure what I was doing right that day.

head out this morning and got a couple 10-12 inchers but it had cooled off a bit. they were snapping at a few dries on the surface but other than that pretty quiet.

I'll post some pics when I get my computer back...this one is too slow.

All released as per regs...what a beauty river

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I was there last wednesday and thursday for my first time, only got 2 trout but got a beauty dolly around 6lbs. I spent alot of time just scoping out the river too plan for my next trip. It really is a beautiful place so I enjoyed myself despite the slow fishing.
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