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Skagit river\Ross lake

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Anyone out there know the current water level :?:
Heading up there tommorow night.

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I was up there about 4 weeks ago, and the water was getting pretty low. I would imagine that it is very low right now, but still fishable. That river is 98% fishab;e in it's season. (july 1-oct 31) Evertime I go I have a great time. Last time between the two of us we landed 40-50 fish. (3 nice bullies, 2-5lbs.) Our go to fly was the blue dun, tie one on and watch for the slurps. We had our 5wts out, but we should have been using 2wts. Some of those fish are pretty small. It should be picking up for those bulls, they should be coming up from Ross lake to spawn in the fall. Make sure you bring up some streamer, and big stonefly's for the fish. Last I fished between 26 mile, and strawberry day use, and I didn't see anyone fishing there. Sure beats fishing the fraser, with all the warriors. I recomend going down further, and try for dollies, I know they're in there lurking in those log jams. I should start planning my next trip up there, prime time is coming. Well anyways good luck up there, and report back and let us know how you did. 8)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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