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Hello I have posted this here before but am re-posting to fill new members in on what is going on.

These IMHO are three great rivers that deserve our respect and protection. If areas like these are lost anglers will be suffering a huge blow all over the world. I have had the great honour of spending time in 2/3 of these watersheds and am looking forward to going back this October. Those who have been there will know that these places are worth protecting. Those who have not owe themselves a trip to that area, one fishing trip up there and you will never be the same. It is that amazing.

I will paste a link and some more info below. Please check out the website and sign up :)


"In a remote corner of northern British Columbia lies the Sacred Headwaters, a vast alpine basin that is the shared birthplace of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine Rivers. Here, wild salmon, grizzly bears, mountain sheep, wolves and caribou take part in one of North America’s largest remaining intact predator-prey systems. The Tahltan First Nations people have hunted and trapped in the Sacred Headwaters for millennia.

Royal Dutch Shell plans to turn the Sacred Headwaters into a coalbed methane gas field scarred by a maze of wells, pipelines and roads.

In August 2007, members of the Tahltan blockaded the main access road to the Sacred Headwaters, risking arrest. Major international NGOs have taken up the cause. The campaign is growing..." Please see the wesite http://sacredheadwaters.com/ and get involved today!
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