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July 28 Shkunk report. Trolled Friday afternoon 5pm until 8pm on a hot looking flood. Started at the yellow can off Stanley Park, trolled toward Jerico, out past the mile markers, to Q62 the Point Grey Bell Buoy, and back to the markers. Nothing but 2 little Springs; the first one a foot long, the second a feisty foot and a half. Stayed mostly in under 100 feet of water with the rigger ball close to the bottom. The brats both bit a 4 inch yellow tail Coyote spoon on a dodger on the bottom line. The army truck spoon up 20 feet got ignored, as did the shallower hootchie on hot spot behind a weight. New colour sounder/gps with charting is excellent. Did not see a single seal today. Maybe the whales have been having their fill. Or maybe it was the fireworks this week.
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