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Slow down!!!!!!

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I was driving by the fishing spots in Glenn Valley on my way home from work last night was almost run off the road,hit while standing on the side of road and tail gated all on the way there. I just want to remind everyone you are not after the last fish in the river and your the only one who can catch it. Slow down you will get there sooner or later, I would really hate to see some kid get hurt or worse just because you need to get to your fishing spot right now. It does'nt matter which body of water your fishing river or lake. Remember half the fun is getting there. :peace:

Good luck.
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Salmonater, I couldn't agree more. Yesterday I heard some a-hole screaming down Bradner Road, just before River Road. When I looked up, it was a big pickup, silver/red, possibly a dually. I wasn't surprised to see him turn right onto River Road and head down to the bar.

Hey Mr. Igottagettherebeforeeveryoneelse in the pickup. Next time I hear you coming, I'll be following you to your parking spot and will plant myself there and wait for the Abby police to arrive so I can point you out to them. :pissed:

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